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Why Partner with the Brokerplan Academy?

In the last ten years the UK financial environment has changed radically, however through this period of transformation and turbulence, Brokerplan has continued to thrive and develop an extensive base of strategic lender partnerships.

 Established in 2004 with significant industry experience, we now have an impressive directory of over 300 UK-based Lending Partners. We are proud to offer a wide range of financial services and products, covering all areas of commercial finance. Find out more about our products and services.

Develop the opportunity around your lifestyle. If you wish to work part-time or to spend six months of the year running the business from a beach towel, it is possible. Alternatively, if you are high octane and want to work an 80 hour week, we have the capacity to train you, enable you and support you in your journey.

You can join any of our networks without having direct experience within financial services or associated sectors. Essential business launch, technical and ongoing training is provided to ensure you have the basic information and tools to start your business. A background that includes any of the following: lead generation, sales, marketing, business development, relationship building, entrepreneurial skills would be helpful as the key to success is the ability to build, manage and convert sales from a business pipeline.

We have minimised the barriers to entry for all options when compared to setting up on your own. The relevant authorisations, access to product providers, back-office support and expertise is available as required to ensure you have as smooth and swift a transition as possible from your current role to your new career.

It is possible to begin trading in a matter of weeks. While we would always advise writing a business plan, cashflow forecast and assuming a period without income (variable depending on the product and your approach), it is possible to generate revenue within a matter of weeks.

There is no limit to how much you can earn by joining the Brokerplan Academy. Network partners regularly exceed six figure annual income and, in some cases, six figures on a single deal. You are able to build a team around you, or even a network of introducers to work on your behalf.

Training and support is the heartbeat of the Brokerplan Academy. You will receive training remotely and you will visit our head office for a 3 day training course.
There are currently no formal qualifications required to operate as a commercial finance broker. Though you may elect to take the LIBF’s Certified Practitioner in Specialist Property Finance (CPSP) Qualification.

Business Development Support is provided by the relevant team members both formally and on an ad hoc basis as required.

Since the 2008 banking crisis, the UK financial environment has changed radically, high street banks are no longer the go-to lender in all circumstances. Business owners and property professionals have found the banks to be less approachable and more inflexible, and as a result the alternative lending market has thrived.

The challenge is often to find a bank or lender who will support a business with acceptable terms. Lenders often give the impression they want new business, but in reality, only if the client matches their risk profile and lending appetite.

Due to the increased options available, selecting a lender to support a business or a specific project is not straightforward. Lenders are obliged to be biased, as they are limited to their own products.

The answer for the client is to approach a professional broker who can establish the needs of the borrower, who knows the market, has the necessary lending relationships and can match the requirements of both parties whilst abiding by the FCA policy of Treating Customers Fairly [TCF].

The Brokerplan Academy has become the home of choice for many professional brokers operating in the financial intermediary space. Whilst the lending landscape has changed, Brokerplan networks have thrived on the professional standards established since the business was founded in 2004. The Brokerplan Academy has also proved to be a successful vehicle for new entrants who wish to fast-track and flourish as professional brokers.

Since being awarded FCA principal status in 2014, and as one of the few brokerages to add direct authorisation to regulated lending in 2018, the business has been able to build multiple professional networks of partners while providing the necessary compliance and regulatory support enabling brokers to concentrate on building client relationships and generating revenue.

As FCA principals, we will assist you in achieving the relevant level of authorisation to operate legitimately.

Case tracking and access to progress is essential for the professional broker particularly for those with a significant pipeline. Partners wanting to take more control of their own cases (and benefit from enhanced commissions) may wish to follow our Direct To Lender initiative to reduce admin steps and increase efficiency. For such cases access to our Hubspot CRM system is provided along with the training necessary to maximise the benefit.

The Brokerplan Lender Hub is a unique live sourcing system, developed and maintained in-house to give network partners a competitive edge over other brokers by being able to review a case and provide indicative terms via a laptop or mobile phone in real-time rather than a best guess from ‘the top of their head.’

Your continued access to the business and all the supporting functions are covered by a modest monthly business support fee. The fee may include membership of associations or monthly licence fees and will vary depending on the selected package. The initial engagement fee is a one-off and there is no annual renewal charge.