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Partner generates nearly 3x their initial investment on 1 case

One of our network partners recently completed on a £2.6 million bridging loan for one of their clients and generated nearly 3x their initial investment in commissions!


The clients in this case were looking for finance to clear their existing debt with Barclays and to provide cashflow to allow them to put into motion some expansion projects they had been looking to make – The clients owned a 380-acre working farm worth C.£6.5 million and were looking to expand their dairy and sheep heard.

The Brokerplan network partner identified that a short-term 12 month ‘bridging’ loan was going to be the best for their situation and need for cashflow boost. They then approached funders UK Agricultural Finance and Folk2Folk for initial lending terms but eventually settled with the latter due to the product fit and the client’s need for speed.

The Brokerplan partner succeeded in getting the £2.6 million deal in place for the clients and generated £36,800 in net fees, nearly 3 times their initial investment in Brokerplan.


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