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Below we have listed a number of the most frequently asked questions around Brokerplan's packages and services.

If you have any questions that are not answered below, please call the Business Development Team on 01757 600511 or contact our Business Development Director, John Kent on

We are the partner training and support division of White Rose Finance Group, an established and reputable Commercial Financial Services Brokerage and Business Consultancy based in Selby, Yorkshire.

The Company is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority ( FCA) – Registration number 630772.

The company was formed in 2004 and now comprises a growing team of 12 Senior Partners and Support staff in the business. We have enjoyed sustained and profitable growth through offering a broad range of Financial Products and Services primarily to property professionals and SME business clients.

Brokerplan offer a number of business options tailored to suit your exact needs, objectives and lifestyle. You can view our full range of Partner Packages here.

With all packages, you are provided with full business support to enable you to begin running your business as quickly as possible, with the appropriate FCA authorisation. This includes a full training course to familiarise yourself with business processes, sotware systems, and products and services available for you to offer your clients. You are also provided with marketing support such as email, bespoke website, social media and email marketing training as well as brand design and ongoing technical support and mentorship. Find out more about the Partner Support we provide.

We welcome applications from companies and individuals from any business background, it is not necessary to have financial experience. We are looking for like-minded people with enthusiasm and drive, with the desire to establish a successful business as a Professional Commercial Finance Consultant.

As part of the FCA authorisation application all applicants must complete a fit and proper questionnaire to allow them to work in the industry.

Applicants from current trading businesses and professional practices who wish to develop their financial services skills and generate additional income are also welcome to join the Network. The Brokerplan programme is particularly suitable to Accountants, Business Advisors and Consultants, IFA’s, Commercial Property Agents and Business Transfer Agents. The industry is regulated by the FCA and all Partners and Associates will need to be fully aware of and be fully compliant with the necessary FCA Regulatory requirements.

As a fully trained Commercial Finance Broker, you will be able to offer the full range of commercial financial services that we offer. For a full list of these please visit our Products and Services information.

You will gain full training of all the available products, with available resources to ensure you have the appropriate documentation and information about every service and product available. We also provide ongoing CPD accreditable training and support to ensure your education continues.

The investment level varies depending on the Partner Package that you go for. The investment ranges from £6,995 for the base-level Associate package to £27,995 for the comprehensive Business Owner Elect plan.

The level of commission that you receive depends on the plan you choose and your initial investment.

Once you have completed your initial training course, we will support you to become ready to launch your business as a Commercial Finance Broker.

To assist you, during your initial training we guide you in developing your 'first 90 day' business development programme, ensuring you have direction and focus in the early days. From day one, our business support team will be on hand to provide advice and assistance. All packages also offer ongoing professional mentorship with the relevant a senior member of the team.

The Brokerplan Programme is not a traditional franchise, as there are no recurring franchise fees or management charges, and you receive all the commissions payable based on the package selected. The only ongoing costs are the monthly support fees that cover a range of services and the FCA compliance costs.

The support fee also covers a number of standard business services including a web site (except entry level) and e-mail hosting, domain renewal, technical support etc. as well as the day to day support services of the Marketing, Case Management and Business Development Teams.

Business Owners and Business Partners operate on an unrestricted territory basis. Associate Consultants are given an assigned territory but are able to generate business across the entire United Kingdom.

There is no limit on earnings potential and therefore the rewards from joining the Brokerplan Network can be very significant. As a Commercial Finance Consultant, you will set a target fee income from each project, based on a number of factors. It is difficult to generalise, but the overall fee income would usually be in the range of 1.5% to 5% of the funded amount for most commercial projects. As a professional Consultant, your fee income on most cases will generally include a client retainer fee. This ensures that your base costs are covered.

We have developed Business Revenue Plans for each of the Brokerplan Network Options we offer. To give some indication, for Brokerplan Business Owners working full time on the venture, the first year gross profit once fully operational is estimated at £75K+ . We estimate that Brokerplan Associates and Business Partners should target to earn between £25K to £60K in the first year for full, or near to full time working. The level of commissions paid will be dependent on the chosen Brokerplan Network entry package.

Income projections are distributed across the entire range of Products and Services that you will be offering to your clients, but with the emphasis on the larger Commercial Loans and Property Development Projects.

Rewards of course are not just limited to financial income, it is also a very rewarding role and very flexible to fit around your lifestyle.

Earnings Disclaimer: Results will vary and are dependent on individual effort, activity levels and effectiveness. For this reason, neither Brokerplan or White Rose Finance Group Ltd. can offer any guarantee of future earnings on any of the Brokerplan options.

The comprehensive Business Support Package with Telephone and On-Line Support is provided by our team of experienced Business Consultants and is available for the life of your business. You can find out more about the business support available here.

Daily Business Support to discuss new and ongoing cases is accessed via a local rate number or via e-mail and is available Monday to Friday from 09.00 am to 5.30 pm and out of hours cover for urgent case requirements.

All enquiries and support requests will be acknowledged and actioned within a target response time based on our service level agreement (SLA).

Designed specifically for Brokerplan Business Owners, you will have the safety net and peace of mind, that in the early stages of your new business you can get a closer working support on any particular opportunity or complex case via our Shared Opportunity Support (SOS) Service.

In practical terms when electing to pursue an opportunity under the SOS Service our Consultants will provide all the necessary underwriting and consultancy support to qualify the opportunity and to progress the project through to succesful completion.

At all times you will retain day to day client ownership and normal business contact with the client with our Consultants acting as your specialist support partner. Under the terms of the Brokerplan SOS service agreement all fees, commissions and consultancy income from an SOS case will be split between you and Brokerplan on a 60:40 basis.

Your primary aim will be to quickly establish your Commercial Finance Consultancy and Brokerage in your area. At the business launch training we will share with you a very broad range of proven business development and lead generation techniques, and share best practice from the most successful partners within our network.

We will also provide ongoing marketing and business development support, which you can learn more about here.

A professional web presence is a fundamental part of your marketing plan and we provide a personalised standalone web site to ensure you appear professionally online. The web service provided includes domain name, e-mail server and web hosting.

In addition to the Business Development Plan we will provide a range of essential Business Development tools for your personal use including marketing templates and letters, e-newsletters, client case tracking software, automated e-mail marketing platform, etc.

Following the ‘credit crunch’, there remains a strong and growing demand for the professional services you will be offering. With the near collapse of a number of the UK’s major High street banks in 2008 and subsequent bail out by the Government, a major void has been left in the supply of reliable business finance, significantly impacting small business owners. In the UK there are over 5 million SMEs, many of whom do not satisfy the lending criteria of the High Street Banks yet still require funding.

Whilst the situation with the High street Banks has eased business clients are more likely to approach a broker for commercial finance advice than ever and with direct access to over 250 Lending Partners you will be well positioned to help. TheBrokerplan team provide the necessary skills and practical support to ensure that you can quickly qualify and identify the right Lending Partners for your clients.

The Brokerplan Program can be successfully implemented from home. Efficient telecommunications and IT are essential to ensure that you can build and operate a Commercial Finance Broker business. We strongly recommend the following equipment and services are in place prior to commencement.

Home office space and secure storage

Efficient and reliable broadband installation.

Dedicated 0845 ‘local rate’ non geographic number

Good quality laptop, tablet or personal computer

Good quality printer and copier

Professional commercial finance website with client enquiry data capture – Brokerplan provided

Registered web domain name – Brokerplan provided

Web site hosting package – Brokerplan provided

Business e-mail adress(es) – Brokerplan Provided

Office grade paper shredder for confidential document disposal

Web based case management system – Brokerplan provided

Fully automated E-Mail marketing platform – Brokerplan advised and supported

FCA authorisation is required to legally advise and act as a credit broker. We will advise on the level of authorisation required and process your FCA which will vary dependent on your chosen package.

In addition, you will need to register your business with the Information Commissioners office (ICO) for Data.

As an Associate Financial Consultant (AFC) you will operate as an Agent under one of our brands; either White Rose Finance or Acumen Finance as Registered Individual under our authorization, data protection and PI cover

Some financial products are deemed to be ‘regulated’ by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and as such the advisor must have specific qualifications. An example of this would be advice given to a client for a mortgage on their home property or an equity release product. The Brokerplan business training will fully detail the regulations and ‘do’s and don’ts’ in this regard and demonstrate exactly how your business should be structured to deal with and still benefit from such ‘regulated‘ opportunities by simply referring to our sister company White Rose Mortgages for the client to receive the appropriate advice from one of our in-house a qualified Regulated Mortgage Advisor.

Business launch training is held at our Head Office in Selby, North Yorkshire, over two or four days dependent on the chosen package.

All delegate costs are included in the support fee, including accommodation. Our administration team will be on hand to fully assist you with the travel and accommodation bookings as necessary.

For the next scheduled training course dates please contact our Business Development Team on 01757 600511.

Thank you for your interest in the Brokerplan Programme, to proceed to the next stage, please contact the Business Development Team on 01757 600 511 or email the Business Development Director John Kent on

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