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Hear from one of our network partners Özgen

On Wednesday the 15th of September we invited network partner Özgen Halil to joins us for a discovery webinar for potential new partners. As an Acumen Finance AFC, Özgen joined us in February 2020 after a career in business management for a cleaning company, prior to which she was a legal executive for HSBC. Özgen has been a real asset to the network ever since she arrived, being kind enough to let us ask her a couple of questions about her time with Brokerplan.

What made you decide to join Brokerplan?

 I was looking to set up a business that I could work from home and also fit in my book writing too and after looking at several franchises, I came across Brokerplan which I found to be the best fit. I looked at various franchises and Brokerplan offered a lot more in terms of low starting up costs compared to others, dealing with the set up and the support they provide. Also being a finance broker was something I had not done before as I come from a Legal PA/Executive background and worked at city law firms for over 25 years and it was important that I was dealing with a professional company.

For you personally, what’s been your most interesting case to date?

 So far All my cases have been interesting and I have enjoyed every one of them. Every single one of my cases have been unique in their own way with different experiences and all of my cases have been for property finance so far.

How did you find support from the team at head office, particularly in the early stages?

 The support I have received from Brokerplan and still receive is absolutely fantastic. In the beginning I asked a lot of questions and head office always explained everything to me so that I could understand and they made sure I was fully supported throughout my cases. They helped me familiarise myself with products and procedures. They literally hand-held me through the early stages whilst I got the hang of things and to be honest I feel safe with them by my side helping me through each of my cases. Also, I have to say that the team-members are all very professional and a real pleasure to work with too.

What are you most proud of since joining the network?

I am really proud of how far I have come along since I started at the end of Feb 2020 (just before COVID kicked in). My business is going from strength to strength and I am getting more clients now through recommendations and referrals mostly which is great. I am also proud of myself on a personal development level as I have also come a long way from the beginning and I am much more confident when dealing with clients now.

Do you have any advice for someone who is thinking of joining Brokerplan?

I would say that if you are thinking of joining Brokerplan, then you are definitely in safe hands with them and their support is just fantastic. I started from scratch with no experience no knowledge of Finance or the various products available and thanks to Brokerplan with all their support, I am now confident and a professional, competent broker as a result. Also as an AR all the FCA stuff is sorted out internally for me too, Brokerplan run lots of webinars whether its with lenders for keeping us in the loop with criteria and products, or marketing tips or just extra training too which is great.

What did you do before joining Brokerplan, and what skills did you bring with you to your new position?

I was a Legal PA/Executive and worked for city law firms for over 25 years. I also worked ‘in-house legal’ as a Legal Executive at a bank. A lot of my skills have been transferrable in terms of dealing with clients and case handling and admin paperwork too.