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10 Questions with Network Member Jamie Stokes

1. When did you join the network?

November 2019


2. What was your professional background before joining?

Account Manager at Asset Finance Brokerages

3. What is the biggest achievement you have ever had since joining?

The best achievement I have had since joining would be the full FCA approval to enable us to be a fully authorised and regulated firm. We have had some incredible months, hired some fantastic talent and overall I am very proud of the firm as a whole.


4. What would be your advice to someone considering the Brokerplan opportunity?

It’s a great opportunity to join the White Rose Finance Network and you will be provided with lots of support. The team are always on hand and happy to help with any enquiries you may have, even if it falls outside of their remit. It’s been a real pleasure being a part of this network and I will never forget the training, guidance and support that was provided to me.

5. How have you found the support from the team since joining?

As above, brilliant – the team are always friendly and happy to help.


6. How has the support from Brokerplan developed since you joined?

The support has improved significantly, even in the past couple of years. I feel as though feedback has not only been listened to but also actioned where appropriate. I would say it was good before, but excellent now.


7. Which product area do you focus on/has it evolved over time?

We focus predominately on Asset Finance, however with the support of White Rose, we have started to focus more on Property Finance and have learnt a lot about Commercial Mortgages and Bridging Finance.

8. What is the biggest challenge you have faced in establishing your brokerage and how did you overcome it?

I think it goes without saying but a massive challenge and achievement for us was making it through the pandemic after only being set up for 4 months before lockdown! It was most challenging when a lot of the funders shut their doors to deal only with arrears and payment arrangements and advising clients throughout the difficult times. We overcame the challenge when new products were announced including CBILS however this then brought its own challenges, the main one being re-educating the market on PG’s, now that traditional lending is back.


9. Where does your business come from/how do you generate leads?

Cold calling! We find it most effective and create lists for our Sales Team to prospect. We also do a little bit of Networking and Social Selling but we predominately find our business by picking up the phone!


10. What is your dream holiday?