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Semi-Commercial Premises Purchase

One of our network members recently completed on a £300,000 semi-commercial mortgage for the purchase of a business premises with attached rental accommodation. 

The loan required was £221,250 on a 10-year interest-only period. Initially, high street and challenger lenders were approached as the property is part owner-occupied / part investment, but the financial accounts were not strong enough. 

It was then decided to change the application structure by purchasing in individual names, then leasing to the company and a private tenant upstairs, however, the client had no commercial investment or recent Buy-to-Let experience.

Following a slight down valuation and the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) being below the minimum standard for letting, the client negotiated the purchase price down with the vendor and took on the cost of getting a satisfactory EPC assessment himself prior to completing the purchase.

The lender chosen was InterBay due to their flexible criteria and willingness to work with the client’s situation. The client was offered a 10-year interest-only semi-commercial mortgage with a rate of 4.99%.

The network partner received over £3.3K in net commissions!

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