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Regulated Bridging Case Study

The client already owned a property unencumbered, which was valued at £170,000 and wanted to spend £100,000 making it her forever home. However, the anticipated GDV was £210,000, so the maths didn’t really work.

The client had already approached other brokers but weren’t happy with the rates received.

Part of the application, would be to add her partner to the deeds. He had an unsatisfied CCJ, which also had to be taken into account. The introducer had already secured an AIP for the exit.

After several rejections, West One Loans, could see the bigger picture and understand that the deal would work as the total borrowing was still relatively low loan to value.

We secured terms at 0.9% per month and the case completed on 17th November, much to the applicants delight.

Great support from Mark Hedley and Simon Boghurst at West One to a successful completion.