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Recent Network Deals

£357,000 Village Pub Refinance

One of our partners Jupiter Commercial Finance has successfully completed a commercial mortgage for their client, with lender Allica Bank! – The deal was a refinance of a village pub to clear a personal mortgage.

£20,000+ Restaurant Refurbishment

One of our partners has completed on an asset finance deal for a business trading just over 2 years. The client was looking to invest in furniture and equipment and increase capacity.

We used 4 different suppliers on this deal so the customer has the flexibility to choose kit from their desired suppliers but can finance it all under 1 agreement with 1 monthly payment – This makes it easy for them to manage.

£265,000 Refinance of Care Home

One of our partners has completed on a refinance of a care home on the Isle of Wight, reducing the client’s interest by a third.

Lender JMT went out when all others declined and provided a bespoke solution with further drawdowns for the client, a few ups and downs but after 14 months it completed.