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Recent Network Deals Complete

Working Capital for Cashflow

Loan Type: Unsecured Business Loan

Loan Amount: £75,000

Location: Surrey

Lender: Fleximize

The client in this case had taken on a new contract and required £75,000 in working capital, to aid with cashflow.

Our network partners ‘Pinnacle Asset Finance’ were able to put a facility in place with lender ‘Fleximize’. The clients agreed to proceed with this funding due to the flexibility of the repayment loan and the ability to settle the loan early, only paying interest on the period of time they’ve borrowed for.

Solar Panel Equipment Purchase

Loan Type: Asset Finance

Loan Amount: £42,593

Location: Preston

Lender: Hampshire Trust Bank

The client in this case was a limited company looking to purchase some new solar panel equipment.

Our network partners ‘Smart Funding Solutions’ were able to put in place a Hire Purchase Agreement with Hampshire Trust Bank, this being the best suited and cheapest option available to the clients.

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