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Brokerplan Network Deals

£657,000 Development Site

Brokerplan network partner Vast Commercial Finance have successfully raised funds for their client to purchase a development site in South London. The £657,000 deal was placed with United Trust Bank Limited.

£60,000 Cashflow Facility

Network partner Bowman Finance recently completed on a £60k cashflow facility with Iwoca, the deal was an unsecured capital & interest cashflow facility. The client was a family history research company that required funds very quickly to meet a redemption deadline with their existing lender and to inject cashflow into the business for expansion.

£500,000 Commercial Loan

Network partner STAG Capital Finance has completed on an commercial loan to fund the development of an industrial site plot and expansion of an existing self-storage facility. When complete this will generate an additional gross income of £60k per annum for the client. This deal was placed with Cambridge & Counties Bank.