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Harry Singh

Business Partner

Harry Singh of Veer Capital joined the Brokerplan Network in September 2018 under our commercial finance package.

What was the deciding factor when you originally joined the Brokerplan Academy?

I was looking at opening my own business and I was researching different franchises. I then came across brokerplan.

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What has been your most interesting or satisfying deal to date?

Very good question!! There have been loads… but I would say the deal we have going through legals currently it’s a £2m refinance on a commercial property.

What are you most proud of since joining the network?

Scaling my business to now being Directly authorised with the FCA.

What did you do before joining Brokerplan, and what skills did you bring with you to your new position?

I have always been in financial service and regulated environment. I was working as a contact centre manger for a insurance company. My skills of engaging with all types of people has really helped me in my business

How has joining the Brokerplan Academy changed your life?

Gave me access to a line of business I wasn’t aware of. But it’s what I put into the business which has given me the success

What advice would you give to anyone thinking of joining Brokerplan?

For me it has been great as I always knew I had a good network of people I could tap into. Make sure you have a plan of accessing clients. Generating business is the hard part. Broker plan gave me an entry into the market.

Do you have any golden nuggets or top tips for those at the beginning of their journey?

Honestly it might sound cliché but hard work, hard work, hardwork. Work all the hours under the sun. you get out what you put into it. I literally would try and tell every man and his dog about my business and what I could offer.