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Advice for new brokers – Here’s what our partners say

We asked 4 of our network partners what the most important thing to know when you become a broker is.

Getting started on your own, whether you have experience or are completely new to the industry, can be challenging and sometimes lonely without the right team behind you.

With our blended learning experience, consisting of both online and in-person training sessions, Brokerplan supports you from your initial business set-up all the way through to becoming an established broker.

Once you are fully trained our experienced team of relationship managers continue to support you with accessing lenders, structuring complex deals and just to be a friendly voice on the end of the phone.

We also host regular webinars with lender (breaking down new products and sharing best practice on how to access and market to high demand sectors), additional in-person refresher training sessions, and our annual network partner conference, where you can chat to the head office team and other network partners face to face.

But what should you expect when you become a broker? Here’s what our partners say:

“Don’t be afraid to get told no – even if a lender won’t do a deal, you’ll know for next time & will make you a better broker, oh and you are worth your broker fee!”
Mark Everard
Michael's Commercial
“Make sure you have a plan of accessing clients. Generating business is the hard part. Brokerplan gave me an entry into the market.”
Harry Singh
Veer Capital

“My advice would be to have a plan for what you want to achieve (business type, income aspirations, lifestyle etc) and discuss it with the Brokerplan team to make sure it fits. In my experience, they’ll give you honest and valuable advice. Once you have that plan – implement it doggedly. Be flexible but also be prepared for high and lows and don’t expect success to be a given. However, with work – it can be a fantastic opportunity.”

James Wallis
Aben Financial
“Think carefully about what support you may need day 1 and ask for it. In my case, I decided to spend those initial quiet weeks networking and educating myself. For professional development and interest only, I studied for CeMAP. Whilst this is not in any way a requirement to be successful as a commercial broker, it did give me a wider appreciation for the world of finance having had no previous experience. I have since used this qualification to expand my offer to clients but that was never really the intention. More important is to work out what you don’t know and then go and find out, the (Brokerplan) team can support this.”
Chris Cullen
Lunaria Finance

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