The word Superbroker refers to a broker who has access to multiple solutions and is able to offer them to their clients under a ‘one stop shop’ facility. The client benefits by building a stronger relationship with one commercial entity who can assess the needs of the client across the board; the broker benefits by keeping control of the client, ensuring they don’t use multiple brokers as well as having the ability to generate multiple revenue streams. From a commercial perspective, this also serves to protect the business as a whole from fluctuating levels of demand and supply across different products and therefore mitigating the risk of dependence on a single or limited income streams.

Within the Brokerplan Academy, a Superbroker is a network partner who has invested in more than one (or even all) of the options available to join our networks. Some of the options sit naturally together such as regulated mortgages and insurances and Wills & Trusts (as per the Your Mortgage Plus proposition) whereas others can be bolted together to create a natural destination for property professionals (commercial & regulated mortgages) or SME businesses (commercial, R&D & autolease).

The ultimate Superbroker would be an investment in everything we have to offer from within the Brokerplan Academy and maybe even associated ancillary products that are specific to the broker’s target clientele. Should you be interested in multiple options we would be delighted to discuss what the best package would be for you to get the most from your investment. We have standard superbroker packages and are also open to discussing bespoke solutions if there is something other than an ‘off the shelf’ proposition you may be interested in. Our approach will be to look for a win/win wherever possible.

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