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R&D Tax Reclaims

All Inclusive Package
No Financial Experience or Previous Qualifications Necessary​

  • Full Business Launch Training Provided
  • CATAX Regional Development Director (RDD) buddy supervision and mentorship
  • Document Suite – Client Sign on Forms
  • Business Development Support
  • Case Qualification & Full Back Office Support
  • Unrestricted Business Territory
  • Market Leading Commissions
  • Hubspot CRM & Credit Safe System Licenses
  • Comprehensive Business Launch Package, including Business Logo Design, Business Cards, Email Account Provisions & Website (& Ongoing Hosting)
  • CATAX Email for appointment booking with assigned RDD

Market opportunity

  • Total UK R&D funding £37.1 billion p.a.
  • Target Market – Private Business Sector £20.3b p.a
  • Government Investment to increase R&D relief
  • Extensive range of eligible business sectors
  • Average claim £55k
  • No up-front client fees
  • Over £380 million claimed so far

Core Product Range

  • R&D Tax Reclaims
  • Patent Box
  • Capital Sllowance Retrieval
  • Remediation of Cntaminated Land Tax
  • Commercial Finance Products (via referral)


R&D Tax Claims Consultant

The R&D Tax Claims Consultant programme has been created for individuals who wish to monetise the largely untapped market of research and development tax relief for UK companies investing in innovation. Definition of R&D: “Creative and systematic work undertaken in order to increase the stock of knowledge – including knowledge of humankind, culture and society – and to devise new applications of available knowledge.” The package includes additional tax relief products including patent box, capital allowances and remediation of contaminated land tax.

Multiple packages available allowing you to face the market either under our brand or your own and offering varying levels of advice and varying commission splits to reflect the level of investment.