Business Training

Each of our Brokerplan packages include a comprehensive introductory business launch training course for all partners.

This training covers all of the principles to help you set up your business and understand all of the products and business processes in depth, to enable you to generate fees as quickly as possible.

Dependant on the package, the initial training is either 2 or 4 days in total, and will cover each of the following principles:

  • FCA regulations and compliance requirements of a Commercial Finance Broker
  • Business procedures
  • Business administration essentials
  • Core commercial product training
  • How to market your business and website maintenance
  • The consultancy approach (ensuring income on all business cases)
  • Lead generation and business development
  • How to use the Partner Lender Directory
  • The fundamentals of case underwriting
  • Efficient case management
  • Developing Ancillary / Additional Revenue Streams
  • Business Planning, Forecasting and Budgeting

Ongoing Development and CPD Courses

We hold regular ongoing training and development opportunities for all Brokerplan Network Partners, which are CPD accredited and cover essential principles such as:

  • Product information
  • Marketing knowledge to help you increase your sales
  • Broker training to bring you up to speed with the industry
  • How to benefit from the case management software and Brokerplan Partner Portal.

Other Support Available

We may also provide additional support to partners attending exhibitions, trade shows or lender days to ensure they get the most out of these events.

Join Us

Join us at one of our discovery meetings to find out much more about Brokerplan and to meet our team. If you have any questions or to book a discovery session, contact the Business Development Team on 0333 405 6666 or email the Business Development Director John Kent by Clicking here.