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Mark Bampton


Mark Bampton of Your Mortgage Plus joined the Brokerplan network in April 2020. Your Mortgage Plus is the Registered Individual (RI) option under our regulated mortgages & insurance package.

What was your professional background before joining?

Before joining Your Mortgage Plus (YMP) I was Team Manager for a sales team that sold fitness equipment, I then moved into New Business and set up another sales team for Toshiba before becoming a Franchise Recruitment Manager for Anytime Fitness.

My final employed role before joining YMP was Head of UK Sales for another franchise company called Expense Reduction Analysts.

Completing my first deal felt fantastic, it made going through all the regulated training worthwhile. It was made even better that it was my own brother’s mortgage that became my first deal.

My biggest challenge without doubt was passing the CeMAP qualifications that allowed me to become a regulated adviser.

I had never been very academic at school and found studying quite difficult, so was particularly nervous about passing the required qualifications.

I shouldn’t have worried though, as the online CeMAP training was fantastic and for me in particular, I found the ability to stop, pause and rewind the sessions really helpful. I passed all 3 first time in only a matter of months.

I would say that if becoming a regulated adviser is something that you want to pursue, then this is a great way to enter the mortgage world backed by a business that can provide good quality training and support to enable you to be successful.

Where does your business come from/how do you generate leads?

My business comes from a number of different sources. Initially, my own network of friends and family allowed me to establish myself. Once I had a few deals coming in, I was then able to put myself of google and ask for good quality reviews from those completed deals. Now I have over 25 reviews, I get 2-6 google enquiries a month which allows me to grow my business. I also attend networking events, have strategic partnerships with accountants & estate agents and also make myself known in my local community so that if anyone needs mortgage or protection advice, then Im the guy they come to.

What are you most proud of since joining the network?

I would say I’m most proud of taking myself from to a relative novice in terms of mortgage knowledge, to being able to help clients regularly onto the property ladder. Its been hard work with lots of ups and downs, but being able to be your own boss, on your own terms and feel like you are providing a worthwhile service and get paid well for it is also very rewarding.

The best mortgage deal I have done in my time with YMP was for joint clients who in the past had a number of credit ‘blips’ and were unable to get a mortgage. They had a young baby and desperately wanted to get onto the property ladder so I spent a year helping them repair their credit files, to a point where a lender was able to provide them a mortgage and after 18 months of working together, they moved into their new home. The commission was tiny, but the satisfaction of helping them onto the ladder more than made up for it.

The training and support from YMP has been good, bearing in mind I started around the time of the first lockdown and all my training was done remotely. Since then, Ive been into the office for additional face to face training which has been well delivered by the training team too. All in all, very impressed.

What is your dream holiday/favourite book/film/TV series?

My dream holiday – I’d take a long weekend in Benidorm atm. I can barely read so I don’t like books. My fav film is Gladiator, mainly because I have beard envy for Russel Crows wonderful beard. My fav TV series is Judge Judy…I just like how mean she is!