Lender Spotlight – September 2018

About Them

TradeRiver are a Fintech company that provides a revolving credit facility to creditworthy UK customers that allows them to pay their suppliers when it best fits their trade cycle. They operate their own in-house online platform that forms the base of their offering and allows UK clients to connect with their suppliers both in the UK and internationally and pay the invoices that they select and then take up to 120 days credit from Trade River.
This allows clients to negotiate discounts, manage their cash flow, take advantage of additional opportunities, increase turnover and increase bottom line profit. The facilities are unsecured and as such sit alongside all existing lending without conflict.


Limits – £100k to £5m
Credit periods – 30, 60, 90 or 120 days
Security – None
Fees – one simple transaction charge each time they use the facility ( there are no arrangement fees )
Basic criteria – Turnover > £2m – Net Worth > £200k – Trading > 2 years – Creditworthy

Case Study

Company – Founded in 2014
Sector – Online retail with new wholesale supply into Amazon
Turnover – £2m
Requirement – £100k revolving credit

Story – Organic (self-funded) growth had taken them to a turnover of £2m but the ambitious young MD now wanted to fund the next growth phase. Up to now they had mainly operated via their own website and through Amazon, importing product from China and fulfilling orders through 2 main fulfilment companies. The next step was to look at new designs and a wholesale arrangement with Amazon which would mean more regular orders from their supplier which would in turn put a strain on their cash-flow. In short they need to fund purchases and get a suitable credit term to cover the shipping period from China.
Result – TradeRiver have put a £100k line in place which will cover up to 3 shipments at a time and allow them to maintain a regular flow of goods into their own warehouse.