Success Stories

Business Partner

Eamonn was one of the early entrants in to the Brokerplan Network and formed Olympic Finance to work alongside his established Business Consultancy Practice. Here he tells us his thoughts on the initial training, business support and starting a business with Brokerplan.

Why become a Brokerplan Partner?

Eamonn was working as a Business Consultant, and increasingly coming across clients that were looking for cash to invest or expand their business, that were becoming increasingly frustrated with High street banks, who at the time were over cautious due to the recession, so were pretty much turning down all applications. In his search for finance he came across Brokerplan, and realised that not only was the programme backed by a broker, but they also offered a business opportunity that was a perfect fit with his existing business.

He contacted Brokerplan’s Managing Partner and arranged to travel up to meet him for an initial chat. After the initial meeting, he was convinced that this was a great business opportunity for him, so booked onto the training week. At the end of the training he was eager to get going, as he could see there was a massive demand for the services that he is now able to offer.


What does Eamonn have to say about Brokerplan?

“My advice would be to consider this a real business opportunity, with a support network that you can trust and rely on. As with any business, it will only be a success if you are prepared to follow the guidance of the professional support team and to work hard.”

How did Eamonn find the training and business support?

Following the informative initial training, he has used the reference manual regularly to revisit products, lending criteria and guidance on what documents are required for every product type.

He says: “I can’t fault the service received since the training, I have always found it to be very professional, accurate, and both my BDM and underwriting team are quick to respond. I have always had, and continue to have, full confidence in the service and advice offered.”

Come and meet us

To discuss any questions or to arrange a Discovery Session please contact the Business Development Team on 0333 405 6666 or email the Business Development Director John Kent by Clicking here.