Brokerplan Heritage


Broker          /brəʊkə/

noun             “a person who buys and sells goods or assets for others”

verb              “arrange or negotiate (an agreement)”

Plan              /plan/

noun            “an intention or decision about what one is going to do”

verb             “make arrangements for in advance”


Brokerplan            /brəʊkə_plan/

noun            “a unique and compelling commercial opportunity to establish a business by joining a network led by an FCA regulated principal broker”

The White Rose Finance Group was established in 2004 initially operating as a standalone commercial finance brokerage.

Although the financial crisis in 2008 prompted the collapse of large sections of the financial intermediary market the company was well placed to launch the associate programme in 2009 providing full training and case packaging as part of the arrangement.


Business Founded


Survived the Recession


Launched Commercial Associate Programme


FCA Principal Status & Brokerplan & Acumen Brands


Your Mortgage Plus Launched


Brokerplan Academy Launched

In 2013 the Financial Services Authority [FSA] was replaced by the Financial Conduct Authority [FCA] the company was appointed principal status allowing it to supervise other brokers. The Brokerplan proposition originated in 2014 as the Company started formally recruiting Appointed Representatives (ARs) and Registered Individuals (RIs) to join and build the commercial network.

Having successfully recruited well over 100 network partners, in 2018 the company achieved direct authorisation for regulated finance and launched the Your Mortgage Plus brand.

Protection and insurance products quickly followed, and latterly, research and development (R&D) tax relief along with vehicle leasing enhancing the options available through the Brokerplan Academy which was formally launched in 2020.

The phrase Superbroker, describing a broker who provides multiple financial solutions to clients by acting as an intermedial hub, summarises the opportunity now available via the Brokerplan Academy. The range of associated products and services is set to continue to increase.

Our background in the Broker Network

The Brokerplan Network is the Partner Training and Support Division of White Rose Finance Group Ltd. We are directly Authorised and Regulated by the FCA as a Principal Firm (FCA Registration Number 630772), which means that we provide all of the compliance coverage needed.

As a network partner, you and your clients will have access to a broad range of essential and innovative ‘core’ financial services. We have over 250 Partner Lenders, ranging from High Street brands to niche markets, with strong and established working relationships providing access to the whole of the commercial finance sector.

What Finance Services Do we provide?

Commercial and business loans

Commercial and buy-to-let property mortgages

Bridging & short term funding

Property development finance

Asset leasing

Invoice finance & factoring

General business loans

Grants and personal loans

And much more, take a look at our products page for more information.

A high-demand, growing industry

Demand for these financial products continues to rise in the UK, in the 5 million strong SME community. With the SME sector growing, and appetite from High Street Lenders continuing to decline, leading SMEs are seeking funding from brokers.

Join the Brokerplan Academy

  • Limitless Earnings – Achieve Your True Potential
  • Become your own boss
  • Great opportunity for a change in career
  • High demand high growth sector
  • Achieve work-life balance
  • Generate income within weeks
  • No financial services experience necessary
  • No annual renewal charges

Come and meet us

Come along to one of our discovery meetings or live webinars to find out much more about Brokerplan and to meet our team. If you have any questions or to book a discovery session, please contact the Business Development Team on 0333 405 6666 or email