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Below we have listed the questions most frequently asked about the Brokerplan Network proposition. If we have not covered your specific question then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Business Development team as below.

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Who are Brokerplan ?

Brokerplan is the Partner training and support division of White Rose Finance Group an established, succesful and highly respected Commercial Financial Services Brokerage and Business Consultancy based in Selby, 8 miles to the south of York. The Company is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority ( FCA) – Registration number 630772.

Geoff Wilson the founder and Managing Partner of the firm has 25 years business finance experience and has managed a number of very successful ventures across a variety of business sectors.

The present company was formed in 2004 and now comprises a team of 12 Senior Partners and Support staff in the business . Since formation the firm has enjoyed a period of sustained and profitable growth offering a broad range of Financial Products and Services primarily to SME Business clients. The company is run by a mature, successful and very experienced management team who are expanding their proven business model in to other areas of the UK via Brokerplan Network partnerships.

What is the Brokerplan Network?

The Brokerplan Network program offers a comprehensive training, enablement and business support structure designed to empower any motivated individual to establish their business and significant income potential operating in the SME Business environment as a Professional Commercial Finance Consultant / Broker.

We offer a number of different business options tailored to suit your exact needs and objectives going forward. This ranges from a comprehensive, fully Independent and autonomous Brokerplan Business Owner Package through to the Brokerplan Business Partner and Associate Financial Consultant ( AFC) programme. The latter option operating under one of the Company owned brands.

However you choose to engage with Brokerplan you will be trained and supported to develop your skills as an experienced professional Finance Consultant / Broker with significant earnings potential.

Each of the Brokerplan Network programmes commence with a comprehensive residential training workshop. The training is structured to ensure that your business is set up and launched effectively and that you are fully familiar and confident with the extensive range of Commercial and Personal Finance Services that you will be offering your clients. In addition you will learn about a broad range of proven business development and marketing techniques which will ensure you quickly get started in your new business venture to generate opportunities and income.

You will be trained and fully supported with the backing of one of the most experienced financial consultancy teams in the UK. As you become established with a growing client base, your business will gain value and will become a significant business asset for future sale or for inheritance by a family member.

Our support package includes all you need to succesfully launch your new business including fully comprehensive Business Administration and Marketing / Lead Generation modules. Our support team will be on hand for the lifetime of your business to give day to day guidance and advice on how and where to qualify and process your business opportunities and, importantly, how to optimise the fee and commission structure on each business deal.

Who is the Brokerplan Network open to?

The Brokerplan Network is open to applications from firms and individuals of any age and gender and from any business background and who can satisfy the necessary requirements. It is not necessary to have previous Financial Services experience, above all else you will need to be enthusiastic, highly motivated and have the desire to establish and develop Business as a Professional Commercial Finance Consultant. It will be necessary for all applicants to complete a confidential ‘ fit and proper person ‘ questionnaire to ensure your personal background is appropriate for work in the Financial Services industry which is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) .

Once appointed you will need the capacity to absorb and learn from our comprehensive Business Training Programme and ongoing have the confidence, energy and personal drive to develop business primarily from a broad range of SME Business clients.

Applications are also invited from current Trading Businesses and Professional Practices wishing to develop these Financial Services skills and generate additional income streams. We believe the Brokerplan Program will be be particularly beneficial to Accountants, Business Advisors & Consultants, IFA’s , Commercial Property Agents and Business Transfer Agents who wish to develop a valuable new income stream within their practice. The industry is regulated by the FCA and all Partners and Associates will need to be fully aware of and be fully compliant with the necessary FCA Regulatory requirements.

What will I be offering as a Commercial Finance Broker / Consultant?

As a fully trained and supported partner on the Brokerplan Network Program you will be offering your clients access to a very broad range of Commercial, Business and Personal Financial Services. Because of the breadth of services in your portfolio you will have multiple fee income opportunities with each client and not be focused on any one narrow revenue stream.

The initial training workshops covers the key aspects of business qualification and underwriting each financial product, comprehensive details of the lender partners you will be working with, lending rates and terms and, importantly, how to recognise and develop new business opportunities. The products covered will include:

  • Commercial Property Loans and Trading Business Mortgages.
  • Investment and Buy To Let Mortgages
  • Short Term Bridging Finance
  • Property Development Finance for New Build and Refurbishment Projects
  • Asset finance, Leasing and Hire Purchase arrengements
  • Cash Flow Improvement , Factoring and Invoice Discounting Services
  • Trade and Stock Finance
  • Retailer and Merchant Finance Solutions
  • Peer to Peer – Secured and Unsecured Loans for Business Clients
  • Business Restructure , MBO/MBI
  • Secured Personal Loans
  • Plus – Additional Fees earned from a broad range of valuable Ancillary Products and Services .

What does the Brokerplan Program cost and what is covered?

The Investment level for the Brokerplan opportunity is dependent on the program you elect to join and is set at the base level to allow us to deliver the highest quality business training, launch and ongoing support infrastructure.
The Investment level starts from a very modest £4,995 for the base level Associate Financial Consultant option , from £10,995 for the Brokerplan Business Partner option and £23,995 for the comprehensive Brokerplan Business Owner package .

Be assured that whichever Brokerplan option is best suited to your own ambitions and business objectives it will include the following:

  • Comprehensive Business and Commercial Finance Product Training
  • Marketing and Lead Generation Support
  • Business Administration Package
  • Industry Leading Fee and Commission Income Payments
  • Nominated Business Development Manager
  • Consultant Support on all Business Opportunities
  • Executive ‘Mentorship’ for the life of your business

What happens when I’ve completed the initial Brokerplan Network Partner Training?

Upon completion of the Brokerplan Network intial Training Course our objective is that you will be fully enabled, motivated and ready to immediately launch your new venture as a Commercial Finance Consultant / Broker and, importantly, have the confidence to start to identify and generate business opportunities.

Fundamental to this objective and completed during initial training is the development of your ‘first 90 day’ business development programme to ensure you have direction and focus in the early days. From the outset our Business Suppport Team will be availble to discuss and support any new Business opportunity that you identify or are in the process of developing to ensure maximum success with all opportunities. All the Brokerplan options offer 1:1 professional mentorship by a senior member of our team.

Is the Brokerplan Network Program a Franchise?

The Brokerplan Program is not operated as a traditional Franchise model in that there are no recurring franchise fees or management charges and you will keep 100% of all business income accruing from the chosen Brokerplan package.
Business Owner and Business Partners operated on an unrestricted territory basis and Associate Consultants will be given an assigned territory for marketing purposes but will benefit from client transactions completed off the assigned territory.There are no contract renewal fees for any of the options other than a very modest monthly Business Support Fee to cover a range of services and FCA Compliance costs.

The support fee also covers a number of standard business services including web site and e-mail hosting , domain renewal , technical support etc. as well as the day to day support services of the nominated Business Development Manager and the Brokerplan Marketing and back office Case Management team.

What are the Rewards and Projected Income?

The rewards for success as a Professional Consultant / Broker in the Commercial Finance environment can be very significant. Many Commercial Loans, Mortgages and Property Development facilities can run in to the millions of £ and we will provide full training and guidance on how to target and develop this type of business.

As a Commercial Consultant / Broker you will set a target fee income from each project based on a number of factors including the complexity of the deal and the amount of time needed to ensure succesful underwriting of the case. It is difficult to generalise but a competent Consultant / Broker should target overall fee income in the range 1.5% to 5% of the funded amount for most commercial projects. As a professional Consultant your fee income on most cases will generally include a client retainer fee to ensure your base costs are covered.

We have developed Business Revenue Plans for each of the Brokerplan Network Options we offer. To give some indication, for Brokerplan Business Owners working full time on the venture, the first year gross profit once fully operational is estimated at £75K + .We estimate that Brokerplan Associates and Business Partners should target to earn between £30 K to £50 K in the first year for full, or near to full time working.The level of commissions paid will be dependent on the chosen Brokerplan Network entry package.

Income projections are distributed across the entire range of Products and Services that you will be offering to your clients but with the emphasis on the larger Commercial Loans and Property Development Projects.Rewards of course are not just limited to financial income, working as a Commercial Finance professional offers significant job satisfaction in helping SME clients to access funding which is crucial to their business requirements.

Earnings Disclaimer: Results will vary and be dependant primarily on individual efforts and the amount of time you have available for business development activities. For this reason neither Brokerplan or White Rose Finance Group Ltd. can offer no guarantee of future earnings on any of the Brokerplan options.

What does the Business Support Package consist of?

The comprehensive Business Support Package with Telephone and On-Line Support is provided by our team of experienced Business Consultants and is available for the life of your business.You will be provided with a named Business Development Manager ( BDM) to provide general advice and guidance on any business matter with further case support as necessary from our specialist Consultant and Case Management team.

Daily Business Support to discuss new and ongoing cases is acccessed via a local rate number or via e-mail and is available Monday to Friday from 09.00 am to 5.30 pm and out of hours cover for urgent case requirements. All enquiries and support requests will be acknowledged back to you and actioned within a target response time of 4 working hours which may extend in to the next business day.

The allocated BDM will also be responsible for the provision of any requested Marketing and Lead Generation support.

What is Brokerplan Shared Opportunity Support (SOS)?

Designed specifically for Brokerplan Business Owners, you will have the ‘safety net’ and comfort that in the early weeks and months of your new business venture you can, if required, get a closer working support on any particular opportunity or complex case via our Shared Opportunity Support (SOS) Service.

In practical terms when electing to pursue an opportunity under the SOS Service our Consultants will provide all the necessary underwriting and consultancy support to qualify the opportunity and to progress the project through to succesful completion.

At all times you will retain day to day client ownership and normal business contact with the client with our Consultants acting as your specialist support partner. Under the terms of the Brokerplan SOS service agreement all fees, commissions and consultancy income from an SOS case will be split between you and Brokerplan on a 50:50 basis.

How will I develop new Business Opportunities?

Your primary aim will be to quickly establish and fast track the launch of your Commercial Finance Consultancy and Brokerage in your local / regional area and the major surrounding business conurbations. At Brokerplan we have a very broad range of proven Business Development and Lead Generation Techniques, Tools and Methods which have proved extremely successful since the launch of our business in 2004.

You will learn what works (and what doesn’t) and benefit from the significant experience that we have in our team.The emphasis of the Business Development and Marketing modules of the Brokerplan Training is to conserve working capital in the early stages of your business and as such the majority of our Business Development initiatives will be at relatively modest cost to your business.

A professional web presence is a fundamental part of your Business Development plan and the Brokerplan Programmes offer a fully developed and working web site ready for your business launch to promote your business and capture new opportunities. The web service provided includes domain name, e-mail server and web hosting.

In addition to the Business Development Plan we will provide a range of essential Business Development tools for your personal use including marketing templates and letters, e-newsletters, client case tracking software, automated e-mail marketing platform, 0845 business numbers etc.

What about the current Economic Climate - what is the demand for these services?

As a result of the so called ‘credit crunch’ there is a very strong and growing demand for the professional services you will be offering. With the near collapse of a number of the UK’s major High Street banks in 2008 (and subsequent bail out by the Government ) this has left a major void in the supply of reliable business finance which still exists and impacts on small business owners. In the UK there are almost 5 million sole traders and small to medium sized businesses (SME’s) and a significant majority of these have some need of additional financial support and will be welcoming of the services you will provide.

Whilst the situation with the High Street Banks has eased there are still very significant numbers of business clients needing the support of a Professional Finance Consultant / Broker. At Brokerplan we give you direct access to over 250 alternative lending organisations ( and this number is rising monthly ) all keen to lend against sensible business propositions. The Brokerplan team provide the necessary skills and practical support to ensure that you can quickly qualify and identify the right lending Partners for your clients.

What Office Equipment and Facilities will I need to have in place?

The Brokerplan Program can be very succesfully implemented from a home office location. Efficient telecommunications and Information Technology are essential requirements in order to ensure that you can build and operate a Professional Consultancy / Brokerage business. We strongly recommend the following equipment and services are in place prior to commencement of business and we will either directly provide these as part of the package or give best advice.

  • Home Office Space and secure storage
  • Efficient and Reliable Broadband Installation.
  • Separate Business Exchange Line to receive incoming calls / fax with voice message handling / call forwarding services
  • Dedicated 0845 ‘local rate’ non geographic number – Brokerplan Provided
  • Good quality Lap Top or Personal Computer
  • HP or similar ‘all in one’ colour printer / fax / scanner / copier
  • Professional Commercial Finance Web-Site with client enquiry / call back facilities – Brokerplan Provided
  • Registered web domain name – Brokerplan Provided
  • Web site hosting package – Brokerplan Provided
  • Business e-mail adress(es) – Brokerplan Provided
  • Office grade paper shredder for confidential document disposal
  • Office grade laminator for poster production
  • Web based Case Management and CRM system – Brokerplan Provided
  • Fully automated E-Mail Marketing Platform – Brokerplan Advised and Supported

What Business Licenses and Regulatory Cover will I need to have?

Operating a Commercial Consultancy / Brokerage requires FCA Credit Broking and Consumer Credit Authorisations to be in place to cover any agreements you transact which are regulated under the Consumer Credit Act.Consumer Credit Authorisations are granted by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and we will provide guidance and advice on the type of license to acquire and the possibility of working as an Appointed Representative under the Full Authorisation held by White Rose Finance Group Ltd who are a Principal Firm. In addition your business entity will need to register with the Information Commissioners office ( ICO) for Data Protection and again we will advise in this regard .

If we offer you a position as an Associate Financial Consultant ( AFC ) you will effectively be appointed to work as a self employed Agent under our brand . Under this arrangement you will be appointed to operate under the auspices of our ( White Rose Finance Group Ltd ) FCA Authorisations and Data Protection registration.

Some financial products are deemed to be ‘ regulated mortgages’ by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and as such the advisor needs to have specific qualifications, an example of this would be advice given to a client for a mortgage on their home property or an Equity Release product. The Brokererplan business training will fully detail the regulations and ‘do’s and don’ts’ in this regard and demonstrate exactly how your business should be structured to deal with and still benefit from such ‘ regulated ‘ opportunities by simply referring to a qualified Regulated Mortgage Advisor.

When and where is the Brokerplan Training held?

Brokerplan Training is delivered at our own in house Training facility at our Head Office in Selby which is 9 miles South of York. The Brokerplan Training takes place over either 2 / 4 days dependant on the chosen package. All delegate costs are included in the applicable Brokerplan Network Program Fee including Bed and Breakfast accommodation at good quality local hotel and course dinner with our staff and other delegates.Our administration team will be on hand to fully assist you with the travel and accommodation bookings as necessary.

For details of the Brokerplan training syllabus please see the training details and for the next scheduled training course dates please contact our head office on 0845 519 3671 / 01757 600519.

I’m seriously interested in the Brokerplan Network Business Opportunity - How do I proceed from here?

We thank you for your time and interest in this overview of the Brokerplan Program. To proceed to the next stage and to speak with a member of our Management team please contact our office as below or alternatively please submit the confidential Brokerplan Enquiry form and a member of our team will be in contact.

We will provide more detailed information including contractual information , outline revenue projections etc. Beyond that , all interested applicants are invited under an NDA to attend a’ Discovery Session’ which are scheduled on a regular basis at our head office. At this session we will provide a more detailed business presentation on the Brokerplan Network business model and the opportunity to meet with members of our senior management team.

To register your interest and request a prospectus please telephone : 0845 519 3671 ( local rate ) or 01757 600519

e-mail :