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Since 2016 a number of our Brokerplan Network Partners have generated fee and commission income in excess of £100K on a single commercial deal , we invite you to join our Network and take advantage of the same business potential.

The Brokerplan Network Business Partner Programme is an opportunity for you to work in a formal Business Partnership with our existing Consultancy team operate under your own business brand – either existing or newly created. If a new start scenario the Package includes full business brand design alongside marketing and business launch support.

Brokerplan Business Partners will be trained, supported and provided with a comprehensive Marketing , Administration, Back Office and Business Development Support package. You will enjoy up to a 70% share of the total fee and commission income generated on all successfully closed business cases.

The essence of this business proposition is that Partners will , with our team support, develop opportunities which are fully case managed by our head office Consultant team with all ‘ front end ‘ client management responsibilities , delivery and follow up of proposals etc. being handled by you the Business Partner.

The required initial investment for the Brokerplan Business Partner Option starts at £12,995 and will be dependent on the chosen package with realistic first year business income projections are estimated in excess £50 K in fee and commission income against regular and significant business activity. Results may vary and will largely be dependent on the activity and efforts of each Business Partner, as such Brokerplan offer no guarantee of future earnings.

The Business Partner option will be highly attractive to Business Advisors’ , Industry Consultants, IFA’s, Residential Mortgage Brokers etc. who wish to develop new and valuable revenue streams in the field of Commercial and Business Financial Services working under their existing and established brands.

Summary of Key Benefits :

  • Modest business investment , to establish a working and fully complaint Commercial Finance Practice.
  • A full and fast ROI anticipated in the first 2 – 4 completed cases
  • Significant Income Potential – Brokerplan Business Partners retain up to 70% of the total case income dependent on the chosen package
  • Six Figure Case Income Potential – We have 2 recent Business Partner cases generating £100K + from a single case
  • Full Compliance and Regulatory Cover – Brokerplan Business Partners have all FCA requirements fully covered under Appointed Representative – ‘AR’ status
  • Fully Independent Branding – Your Brokerplan Network Commercial Brokerage will be designed and delivered for you against your current brand or a newly created brand if you need a full business launch.
  • Comprehensive Launch Package – Includes Professional  Web Site, Business Cards and Collaterals, Creative Design Services , Marketing Support,
  • Residential Business Training workshop over 2 days for 2 Business Delegates – ( On the same or attending separate courses )
  • Additional Delegate support and ‘in house’ training can be provided at your office location under separate arrangement
  • Business Development Support – Includes customised E-Newsletters,  Case Support, Client Business Seminars.
  • Regular Product Training Days – Delivered free of charge and CPD qualifying.
  • Unrivaled Business Lender Panel – With 250+ UK Based lenders across the lender spectrum.
  • High Street Lenders through to ‘Challenger Banks’ and significant numbers of Nice and Private Funding sources.
  • Partner Support Portal – A valuable Business Resource containing Lender Information, Case Studies, Standard Documents and Forms etc.

The Brokerplan Network Business Partner contract is covered via a one off fee as above and subject to contract conditions being met the agreement will be renewed on an annual rolling contract basis with no further license fee renewal costs other than a modest monthly Business Support and FCA Regulatory / Compliance fee.

Interested to learn more ?

For an informal yet detailed discussion on how you can develop your career as a Commercial Finance Specialist as a Brokerplan Network Business Partner please complete the Contact form as below and our team will be in touch. Alternatively please call our office at local rate on : 01757 600 519 / 0845 519 3671

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