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A number of our Brokerplan Network Partners have generated fee and commission income in excess of £100K on a single commercial deal !

We invite you to join the Brokerplan Network and take advantage of the same opportunities.

The Brokerplan Network Business Owner programme is designed for those individuals who wish to develop a full time career as a Business Finance specialist and will enable you to quickly establish your own self branded and wholly independent Commercial Finance Practice.

We provide a comprehensive initial Residential Business Training over 4 full days alongside business set up and Launch Services, Marketing and ongoing Business Development support for the life of your business.

The clear objective of the Business Owner Package is that you become self sufficient in running your own Commercial Finance Practice always retaining the Business and Compliance Support of the Brokerplan central team as and when you need it.The extensive package includes everything needed to launch your business immediately after completion of initial training, we provide practical business support and executive mentorship for the life of the business and access to our active Partner Lender directory which includes over 250 UK based funders to meet the needs of your clients.

A key element of this package is that once you are confidently operating on a self-sufficent basis (which we estimate will be circa 4 – 8 months from launch) you will be in a position to work directly with Lender Partners preparing and managing your business cases from initial submission through to completion and thereby retaining 100% of all fee and commission income generated by your business.

During the formative stages of your business launch until you are fully confident / competent you will benefit fully from the support of our highly experienced team who will provide daily underwriting and case management / packaging support for your cases on what we term a ‘Shared Opportunity Support ‘ (SOS) basis with an agreed fee and commission split on each case. SOS Support is available to Business Owners for the life of the Business Relationship and the Brokerplan Network agreement will provide you essential Locum support for sickness and holiday cover etc. to ensure business continuity.

The required investment for the Brokerplan Network Business Owner Option is a one off fee of £23,995 which covers the full and very comprehensive package of Training, Business Launch, Marketing and ongoing Business Development services including support with your application to the FCA for Direct Authorisation.

Business Owner Elect Package provides you with access to premium commissions while you develop your expertise under the guidance of our case management team. At cost of £24,999 (75% initial payment followed by 25% balance on application for Direct Authorisation) will save you £5k compared to the upgrade cost from Business Partner to Owner. Contact us for more info on Business Owner Elect.

Brokerplan Business Owners will need to budget circa £1.5K to acquire the necessary FCA authorisation and Data Protection Registration with the Information Commissioners Office. Both of which are legal requirements in order to conduct business in the market. Brokerplan will provide guidance and full support with both.

First year fee and commission income projections from full time activity as a Brokerplan Network Business Owner are estimated at circa + £75K gross profit. Results may vary dependent on the activity of each Business Owner and Brokerplan offer no guarantee of future earnings.

Summary of Key Benefits :

  • Modest business investment – A full ROI anticipated in the first 2 – 4 completed cases
  • Significant Income Potential – Once fully trained and operational you retain 100% of case income
  • Full Compliance and Regulatory Cover – Brokerplan Business Owners have all FCA requirements fully covered under initial Appointed Representative – ‘AR’ status then FCA Direct Authorisation.
  • Fully independent Branding – Your Brokerplan Network Partnership will be designed and delivered for you against your current ( or newly created ) business branding
  • Comprehensive Launch Package – Includes web site, business cards and collaterals, creative design services , marketing and Residential Business Training workshop over 4 days provided for 2 delegates
  • Additional delegate support and ‘in house’ training at your office location can be provided by arrangement
  • Business Development Support – Includes customised E-Newsletters, real time Case Support, Client Business Seminar days.
  • Regular Product Training Days – Delivered free of charge
  • SOS Business Case Support – Provides the opportunity to fully ‘ hand off ‘ a business case for our team to manage through to completion in its entirety
  • Unrivaled Business Lender Panel – With 250+ UK Based lenders across the lender spectrum from High Street through ‘Challenger Banks’ to multiple Private Funding sources.
  • Partner Support Portal – A valuable Business Resource containing Lender Information, Case Studies, Standard Documents and Forms etc.

For a more detailed discussion on how you can develop your career and business as a Commercial Finance Specialist and benefit from the Brokerplan Network Business Owner Programme please complete the Contact form as below or call our office : 01757 600513 / 0845 519 3671

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