01 December 2017

How to attract Flexible Funding leads

Marketing Tips – How to attract Flexible Funding Leads

You may have read, we have a new lender, Credit4 service, they are ideal for any viable growing business and can be offered to new start-ups subject to a suitable PG being available.

The speed of decision, flexible nature of how funds can be used and re-paid and the speed of the transaction make this type of facility ideal for the following client types :

  • Businesses set for growth but with limited Bank overdraft facilities – specifically target the Services and Manufacturing businesses in your area (traditionally with restrictive bank overdrafts)
  • Businesses which are seasonal in nature and may have a ‘spiky’ cash flow – the revolving credit facility is ideal for these situations
  • Ideal for Retail clients who will suffer ‘seasonality’ in their revenue profiles
  • Businesses which offer extended credit terms to clients but have pressure on paying their supplier bills to satisfy new orders
  • Any Expanding businesses which need to invest in non-tangible expenditure such as marketing etc.

See below on how to target potential prospects :

  • Use your email platform ( Send in Blue , MailChimp etc ) to send out an e-shot to your list (we can provide a template for this).
  • Federation of Small Business (FSB) are a great organisation to be involved with and will throw up potential prospects – join up and offer a free financial health check to fellow members
  • Join up with your local Chamber of Commerce – again this will help to generate opportunities from fellow members and Networking events
  • Get hold of a local Business Directory – identify potential clients and send out a 1:1 personalised introductory email on you and this specific product ( don’t send via email platform if not opted in ) – offer the free financial health check
  • Speak to your accountant to see if any of these business traits fits with any of their clients and offer them a referral fee.