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The Brokerplan Commercial Finance Network
A Genuine Business Opportunity

Our Background

Thank you for your interest in the Brokerplan Commercial Finance Network. If you seek a genuine Business Opportunity with the potential to generate significant income streams and you have a genuine interest in providing high demand Commercial Finance services to the SME business community then we would be delighted to hear from you.

The opportunity is open to applicants from any business background, formal finance qualifications are not required with the key requirements being integrity, strong business ethics, energy , enthusiasm and the genuine desire to build your own valuable and sustainable business.

For our chosen Partners entry to the Brokerplan Commercial Finance Network delivers a comprehensive package of Training, Enablement , Regulatory Compliance and ongoing Business Support all delivered in a high quality framework for a very modest initial Business Investment. The opportunity can be worked viably and efficiently operating from your home office / small office base on either a full time or part time basis and also sits very well alongside an exisiting business or professional services Practice. We offer all Brokerplan Network Partners the potential of an excellent and quick return on investment ( ROI ) via a market leading package of fee and commission earnings on successfully closed Business cases.


An Established , Highly Experienced and Regulated Business Team 

Brokerplan_ShakeThe Brokerplan Network is the Partner Training and Support division of White Rose Finance Group Ltd, we are directly Authorised and Regulated by the FCA as a Principal Firm (FCA Register Number 630772).

Established in 2004 we operate in the market under both the White Rose Finance and Acumen Finance brands, we are full and active members of the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers ( NACFB) and generally considered one of the UK’s most respected and successful Commercial Finance specialists.

Our head office is in Selby, North Yorkshire from where we run a busy working Commercial and Personal Finance business promoting best practice in the industry and applying strong business ethics. We have a team of highly experienced Broker – Consultants and support staff who are all dedicated to the Brokerplan Network initiative and in supporting our chosen Network Partners.

A fundamental element of our proposition is that we provide the necessary FCA ( Financial Conduct Authority ) regulatory and compliance support / supervision for all our Network Partners. This is delivered via Appointed Representative (AR) status, as a Registered Individual working under one of our brands or a comprehensive support program to assist you to achieve direct FCA Authorisation.

Offering a Broad and Innovative Product Range 

Working with us under the Brokerplan Network Program you will be in a position to offer your clients access to a very broad range of essential and innovative ‘Core’ Financial Services / Products. These are sourced and delivered from over 250 UK based Partner Lenders with whom we have developed very strong , high level working relationships.

The services we provide cover Commercial and Business Loans and Commercial and Buy To Let Property Mortgages , Development Finance , Asset Leasing, Invoice Finance , General Business Loans and Grants and Personal Loans to name but a few. In addition to our Core Services we have an extensive range of complimentary Ancillary Services which also provide valuable income and which allow us to provide a complete and fully comprehensive service to our clients.

Satisfying High Demand From the SME Business Community 

The demand for these services within the UK Small – Medium size Business community ( SME’s ) is strong and growing as the issues experienced within the UK Finance Industry and particularly the High Street Banks over recent years are well documented and ongoing. It is the generally recognised view that many High Street lenders will have significantly muted appetites to lend to SME’s for the forseeable future which greatly increases the demand for our services to deliver funding support from a broad range of alternative providers.Our strong and far reaching Lender relationships are part of the key Intellectual Property that all Brokerplan Network Partners will get immediate access to as part of the Network support agreement.

Significant Income Potential and ROI

We derive our income from Commissions paid to us by our Lender Partners for introducing good quality business which meet Brokerplantheir criteria and also from fees that we charge directly to our clients for providing our services and Consultancy Support. Overall income from a case does obviously vary dependent on the case type and size but an ‘ average’ Commercial project will deliver overall fee and commission income in the range £2K to £50K and each year we manage a growing number of cases which will each net in excess of £75K income.

In 2016 to date the ‘ case record’ for income from a Network Partner single introduced case currently stands at over £100K and we offer offer all successful applicants the opportunity to become actively involved in this market and to have the same opportunity to earn market leading commissions at similar levels.

Our Business Credentials

Each member of our Senior Management team have in excess of 25 years Commercial Finance and Business experience working in many of the UK’s largest Corporations including HSBC, BT, GEC, Plessey, Bass PLC.The present business was started in 2004 and since that time we have served over 9,000 clients around the UK.


The Brokerplan Network Business Proposition 

The Brokerplan Network business proposition has been developed and launched to help us expand throughout the UK in a controlled and managed way leveraging the extensive experience, knowledge base and intellectual property that we possess.

Through the Brokerplan Network we seek to Partner with a limited number of like minded individuals or other professional practices who themselves have a genuine desire to be trained and supported to work within the Commercial and Business Finance industry and who wish to develop a viable, sustainable and profitable business. Appointed Network Partners will earn industry leading commissions and enjoy a level of Business Case Support which we believe is unmatched in the UK Commercial Finance Industry.

We offer a number of different package options designed to suit the business objectives and aspirations of our Partners and more detail on each is provided on our Business Package Options pages. The investment required to set up and launch in to the market is very modest given the potential returns and starts at under £5,000. With all the package options offered our Network Partners receive a comprehensive package of Training, Business Set Up and ongoing Support services.

The investment levels for the Brokerplan opportunity are set to cover the costs incurred in training / take on, to support our Partners ongoing and to enable them to quickly commence business in a wholly compliant way. The initial Investment levels will also determine the level of commission and fee income which the Partner will be paid for a successfully closed business case and this ranges from 30% up to 100% of total case income.

There are no annual license or contract renewal charges to pay other than modest monthly Business Support Fees which also cover Regulatory and Compliance supervision cover. For serious applicants who are committed to developing new business under our Network model this offers a genuine ‘ low investment / high potential ‘ proposition to enter a growth business sector. The essence of the Brokerplan Network programme is to provide you with a fast track entry in to the Commercial and Business Finance environment providing Regulatory cover , Business / Product Training and ongoing daily Business Development support delivered by a mature and very experienced management team.

Come and Meet us at a ‘Discovery’ Meeting 

If you believe the Brokerplan Network opportunity is one that matches your future business ambitions and is of genuine and serious interest then we invite you to come along to meet us at one of our regularly scheduled Discovery Meetings. At that time you will get full exposure to our Business Plan and Model and get the chance to meet key members of the Management Team.

Please take the time to look at the details and case studies contained on our web site and of course please get in touch with us directly on any of the numbers / e-mail below if you have any immediate questions. Alternatively please complete our brief contact form and we’ll get in touch.

Once again our thanks for your interest in Brokerplan and we hope to have the chance to meet in the near future.

For an immediate discussion or to register your initial interest in the Brokerplan Network opportunity please call or e-mail as below. 

John Kent – Director of Business Development – Brokerplan Commercial Finance Network : Tel: 01757 600519 / 07540 013165